And does Facebook really connect people? …

Per evitare di offrire una risposta irenica all’analisi della domanda rispetto ai Social Network ed in particolare a Facebook vorrei partire proprio da uno degli attacchi più pesanti a Facebook, realizzato da Tom Hodgkinson su The Guardian del 14 gennaio 2008, con un articolo dal titolo With friends like these[1]

«I despise Facebook. This enormously successful American business describes itself as “a social utility that connects you with the people around you”.

But hang on. Why on God’s earth would I need a computer to connect with the people around me? Why should my relationships be mediated through the imagination of a bunch of supergeeks in California? What was wrong with the pub?

And does Facebook really connect people? Doesn’t it rather disconnect us, since instead of doing something enjoyable such as talking and eating and dancing and drinking with my friends, I am merely sending them little ungrammatical notes and amusing photos in cyberspace, while chained to my desk? A friend of mine recently told me that he had spent a Saturday night at home alone on Facebook, drinking at his desk. What a gloomy image. Far from connecting us, Facebook actually isolates us at our workstations».


“And does Facebook really connect people?”.

In realtà sembra proprio che Facebook, come gli altri Social Network, risponda almeno in parte, ad alcune domande importanti…




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